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Piano Technique: A Whole-Body Approach (Part 1)
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Piano Technique: A Whole-Body Approach (Part 1)

If you play tennis, you know how great it feels when you stroke the ball in exactly the right way. When your movements are aligned with basic physical principles, you're able to drive the ball with speed, accuracy, and mimimal effort.

Well, piano playing has its athletic side, too. And what you'll learn in "Piano Technique: A Whole-Body Approach" can raise the level of your "game" several notches.

This lesson is perfect for beginners, but also for more advanced students who know there's more to piano technique than what you do with your fingers.

Step by step, you'll master the basics of posture, hand/wrist position, and finger shape--all while learning to let gravity (and the weight of your arms) do much of the work.

An extended segment, "Tips and Troubleshooting," details the most common technical problems students experience, and shows you how to solve them.

NOTE: some of you have asked about the music I play in this video. It's my own piece called Prelude in C, and the sheet music for it is now available for instant download.

Video highlights, Part 1

  • 01:36  Letting gravity do the work
  • 03:33  Practicing the release
  • 04:56  How to sit (height, posture)
  • 05:35  Hand position; drop onto thumb
  • 09:02  Recap; preview of Part 2

Video highlights, Part 2

  • 00:19  Finger position; how to play a
      five-note scale
  • 03:19  First chord exercise
  • 05:19  Tips and troubleshooting
  • 10:14  Moving on from here; playing faster

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