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What people are saying

. . . about the tutorials

"Your teaching is so down to earth and simple, yet mighty powerful. Your videos have expanded my knowledge greatly. Thanks a lot, God bless."

--Brandon Valdez

"First time I've seen one of your videos. I'm learning piano late in my life, and I have to say, this is the best guide/tutorial/lesson I've ever seen. I feel myself getting better just by watching. Well thought/laid out lesson.

I am absolutely subscribed."

"Hi Bruce....just to say I found your Ode To Joy layout very good...I was playing it quite well in a few days....I have looked at quite a few systems....bought quite a few.......what you do is very very good...you have given us a taste of excellence."

--Eric Kinlan

"Mr. Bruce Siegel, I subscribed to your piano lessons - the 6 month course. I find your videos very helpful because you are really demonstrating how a step should be done."
--Margaret T.

"This is excellent! I've been struggling to learn how to play piano accompaniment and this video just helped me a lot. Thank you so much."

"I have been fishing around on the web for basic piano instructions and I don't think any of them are as insightful or visually instructive as yours."
--- F. Szeto

"You're great! My daughter is 9 and she learns to play piano at the music school. So I do my best to study piano to help her."
--Alexander, Ukraine.

"You're not only a great musician, Bruce, but a great teacher - and that's not always the case on other piano sites!"

--- Frank M.

"I have to give you an A+ DoctorKeys. I have never seen anyone teach that way. Most teachers start with all root position chords, which is harder to learn as a beginner."

--- TheMaddazhell

"Your lessons are helpful for someone transitioning from solo to accompaniment playing."

--- Fernando T.

"Bruce, your explanations are just great!"

--- Greetings from Serbia

. . . about Piano Technique: A Whole-Body Approach

"I'm working on a new CD . . . I just went back to the piano and re-practiced the lessons you taught in the Whole Body Approach video. I remember you teaching them to me in my first visit or two with you. Really great stuff, Bruce. Your teaching has definitely impacted my playing a lot."

--- Roth Herrlinger (pianist, composer, former private student. Hear him on Pandora.)

"Thank you SO MUCH !!! Great explanation of technique."
--Rada P., New York

"Thank you very much for this lesson. It has improved my playing so much ."

. . . about the 12-Bar Blues Shuffle video

"Took me all of about 10 seconds to learn this thanks to your great explanation and layout. Thanks!"
--- sweetbutdaring

"Easy, fun, well narrated, great demonstrations (including the graphic notation of keys). Thanks!"
--- Roth Herrlinger, Los Angeles

"I have been struggling to get shuffle rhythm on piano but could not, even though I've been to a piano teacher. But after seeing your video, I managed to do it straight away. You are obviously an excellent teacher."

--- S. Hodgson, Lincoln, England


. . . about Piano Accompaniment Styles for 50 Great Songs

"i've been searching for a great video like this for so long, and finally i found it! :)."
--- manishthecool1

"Thank you for this most excellent tutorial. Beautifully delivered. You obviously have the patience of a Saint."
--- 2msvalkyrie

"This was very educational . . . even for someone like myself who has been playing for 10 years."
--- tjayJBfan

"Thank you, this is really great, exactly what I've been searching for as a keyboardplayer trying to learn to use both hands while playing!! :)"
--- VoiceSi


. . . about the Ode to Joy video

"It’s a superb piano tutorial. Yep--I am sure I can play piano solo. These video tutorials are very effective."
--- Jokovich

"Is it rude to say that this video is exquisite? Because it is better than that."

--- Eashan1337

. . . about "The Top Three Myths About Learning to Play the Piano"

"Extremely well written and thought out, and I can't think of three more important topics. It's the best thing I've read on piano instruction for quite a while!"
--- Forrest Kinney, author of the Pattern Play series of books

"Very inspiring post! I’ve been working through a reading-based program at home, but this charges me up to turn on my ears and start learning/improvising as well."
--- Bill G.

"Thank you for sharing this article with us. It is refreshing! You have written about the big picture of music learning. Most players were exposed to only a portion . . . whether it is by ear, by sight reading, etc."
--- Yoke Wong

"Great post, Bruce. I took lessons as a kid, and it was all note-reading and Hanon exercises. I never understood the structure and method behind the melodies I was struggling to play off a page. Just now I am beginning to “backfill” my music knowledge with theory about chords and lead sheets–what a difference it makes!

Wish my kids and I could take lessons from you!"

--- Greg L.

. . . about Piano Technique: Big Leaps Made Easy

"thanks bruce for this wonderful tip. some of the chopin music i am learning has large chords and big leaps and during those leaps my timing was going off . this really helps."
--- Vikram Sharma

"This is a very simple but incredibly important technique. Thank you."
--- SevenUpHub

. . . about "Learning to Play is Learning to Speak"

This is basically a fan letter in appreciation of your wonderful essay "Learning to Play is Learning to Speak" - thank you for it. I have been thinking and experiencing very similar things and try to use them in my teaching - but I think you're more articulate than I am. I have five published books on nonjazz improvisation.
--- Jeffrey Agrell, author of Creative Pedagogy for Piano Teachers