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The Essential Chord Guide: How to Build 21 Different Chords on Any Note.


One of the goals of Pop Piano Accompaniment is to enable you to play just about any song you choose. And the good news is how easy it is to get the chord progression for any song simply by googling its name.

UltimateGuitar.com, for example, has a huge collection of chord sheets, and it will even transpose for you--meaning it will put songs into your key.

But to benefit from that site, you need to understand the symbols found on chord sheets, and be able to translate them into notes on the piano.

In this tutorial we explore 21 different chord qualities or types. What you'll learn here will enable you to play the vast majority of chords you'll run into in pop (and even classical) music.

When you've printed out the chord table, head on over to the video and let's get started!

NOTE: I recommend that you study this video even if you have a fairly good grasp of chords, or are using only simpler chords at the moment. It will help you to see the big picture -- the various chord families, and how they relate to each other. When you understand the way in which complex chords are built from simpler ones, it becomes so much easier to memorize the formula for each type or quality.

And don't forget to print out the handy table I've created. Just click on the "print sheet music and other lesson materials" tab.

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