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Playing Your First Piece (Part 1)
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Playing Your First Piece (Part 1)

You know how electronic gear always come with a helpful "quick start" guide? Well, this lesson is sort of a quick-start guide to piano technique.

(In the video's introduction I refer to another tutorial. I made it for those who want a more in-depth introduction to technique, and you can find it here: Piano Technique: A Whole-Body Approach).

The piece you'll learn to play in this lesson is composed entirely of the three chords we've already discussed: C, F, and G. The chords are broken, meaning you play only one note at a time. And because the notes form complete harmonies, the music is richer than those beginner's pieces that sound like Mary Had a Little Lamb.

As always in my tutorials, I show you not only what notes to play, but how to play them. Starting with basic posture and hand shape, you'll learn the secret of how to let gravity do the work, so your body stays relaxed and comfortable.

Video highlights

  • 00:00  Hear the whole piece
  • 00:54  Keyboard height, your posture.
  • 01:13  Playing the C chord--notes, fingering, rhythm.
  • 01:47  Hand shape, using arm weight, a relaxed wrist.
  • 02:46  Practice tips.
  • 03:03  Moving on to the F chord.
  • 03:23  The G chord.
  • 03:44  Preview of Part 2

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